Our company

Synthetic Monofilaments Manufacturing

Eurofilt Group

Eurofilt Group originates from the union of strength between technicians and specialised personnel…

The Applications

Among the different applications of our monofilaments we decided to underline some of them here following.

The Quality

Eurofilt Group Srl is certified ISO 9001/VISION 2015 and claim also the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certfication forthmost of its products.

Our goal

Today we are the future

In the world

The quality of Eurofilt Group’s products is well known all over the world. The always developing production and the rigorous controls create a highly competitive product. Eurofilt Group exports 80% of its own production.

The quality

Eurofilt sets its target on an ever increasing production and, most of all, quality through a careful research for new and innovative spinning techniques. The natural consequence of this philosophy brought Eurofilt to be certified ISO 9001/VISION 2015.

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We can offer you the best solution at the right price

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